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Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

The sale in the future state of completion

Acquisition: special types

Are you buying a home "off-plan"? The marketing of this type of property is subject to specific regulations.

You are buying a new building, before it is built, or during construction. The developer undertakes to build a building in accordance with the contract and within the agreed timeframe. You pay for the construction as it progresses.

When the property is intended for residential use or for mixed professional and residential use, special regulations apply.

If a preliminary contract of sale is concluded, it will be a preliminary contract, which includes the essential indications relating to

  • - the consistency of the building,
  • - the quality of the construction and the deadlines for completion of the work,
  • - the size, location and price of the reserved property.

Mandatory information, such as the approximate surface area of the property, the list of rooms in the dwelling and the date of signature of the deed of sale, must also be included. A technical note, attached to the contract, makes it possible to establish the quality of the construction.
A security deposit, the amount of which is limited by law, is required from the buyer. It is paid into a special account.
If the buyer has recourse to a loan, the preliminary contract contains an appropriate suspensive condition.

The sale is definitively concluded by an authentic act, at the notary's office. One month before signing, the developer must send the draft deed to the buyer. The contract must include a number of items, such as the price, the payment schedule and the terms of revision.

Upon delivery, the buyer can deposit 5% of the price if he considers that the property does not conform to what was planned. The funds are only released if the seller and the buyer agree, or if a court order requires it.