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Our practical sheets

The change of destination of a property

Acquisition: special types

Converting a business premises into housing: the administrative authorizations to obtain

When looking for an apartment to buy, you sometimes come across an advertisement for commercial or industrial premises. Why not buy it and transform it into a magnificent apartment or loft? Faced with such a project, two difficulties will then arise, the possible works to be realized and the authorizations to be obtained.

Prior consultations
This transformation, which is legally called a "change of use", can be completely forbidden by local town planning rules.
If you have a project, the first thing to do is to get information from the town hall of the municipality where the property is located to find out if there are any objections to the transformation.
If the premises are co-owned, you will also have to consult the co-ownership rules to check the feasibility of the project. An authorization of the syndicate of co-owners can prove to be essential.

Urban planning authorization
The change of use is subject to urban planning authorization, that is to say, depending on the importance of the work that accompanies it:

  • - A prior declaration,
  • - Or a building permit.

Note If you do not touch the load-bearing structures or the façade and you do not carry out work that would normally require a building permit, you will only have to request a simple prior declaration for this change of use.

The plus: the transformation of a professional premises into housing also has tax consequences, so once the change is made, don't forget to notify the tax authorities in order to make the transition from the territorial economic contribution (CET) to the housing tax.