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Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Buying for two: precautions to take

Buy a property at two

Buying a property as a couple requires some thought beforehand.

If you are married, your matrimonial regime defines the status of the property. It will be common or owned by only one spouse depending on how it is financed and your matrimonial regime.

Note: when the purchase of a common property is partly financed with money belonging personally to one of the spouses, consider inserting a "use or reuse clause" in the deed of purchase, which specifies that all or part of thepersonal contribution is made up of money belonging to only one spouse.

If you have entered into a PACS, refer to your agreement: it is possible that you have adopted theundivided property regime. An undivided property belongs to both partners of the PACS.

If you have entered into or modified your PACS since January 1, 2007, you may have chosen to make the property you buy together or separately after the PACS was registered subject to theundivided ownership regime. In this case, the property is considered to be owned equally by each partner in the PACS.

If you entered into a PACS before January 1, 2007, without having modified it, the property you buy belongs half to each partner, unless the deed of purchase mentions something else.

If you buy with your cohabitant, the property is subject to the system ofjoint ownership.

Note: when buying in joint ownership, remember to indicate in the deed of purchase the share of each partner (for example: 50/50, 70/30...). It is possible to set up ajoint ownership agreement to specify the rules applicable to the administration of the property, the payment of expenses, etc.